Welcome  to Irene Fong Leung's Music Studio!

Irene Fong Leung provides music lessons at your home or at my studio for private or group lessons.  I am currently accepting new students at all ages and ability levels.

Irene welcomes you to be her student, if you are a child, an adult, a working professional, stay at home mom, parent and grandparent or, retired, with skills at the beginner, intermediate or advance levels. 

Just come and play the music that you always wanted to learn, or you used to play, for recreation, or for RCM Exams, or to compete in music festivals, as a soloist, or play collaboratively with a friend or in a group like a band at the keyboard.


I also welcome rudiments and music history students of any level.

If you always wanted to learn to play the piano, to relax from the stress of everyday life, to have fun and to have a better quality of life enjoying music all life-long, the recreational music making (RMM) classes are for you.  All you need is a desire to come to class, no prerequisite is required.  I am accepting new students for  new classes.


Please go to the registration menu to contact the studio of Irene Fong Leung about taking private or group lessons.  You can contact Irene at 647-236-7869 and irenefongleung@bell.net